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What up nerds, I'm Dorothy, but most CTYers call me Dot! I've been at CTY for a long time (6 years and counting), so I'll have to list everything that happened so far!

Through the Ages

BRI 14.2 Dot took Crystals and Polymers her first year of CTY. It was an awesome time, mainly cause there were no boys in that class that year. She got to learn a lot that year, specifically about the traditions at Baby CTY such as American Pie. She was originally forced to go to CTY by her parents but ended up begging her parents to let her return the next year.

BRI 15.2 Dot decided to do a humanities course that year, choosing to take Model United Nations and Geography for her second year. It was there that she met her best friend (and first wife), Daisy Fernandez. This was also her first class that actually involved boys, which also lead to her first major crush. She and Daisy became extremely close, choosing to spend most of their free time and activities together. Other notable people that Dot met during this time were Zeke (and his iconic hat), Kenny (who always joked about North Korea), and Charles (who reached out to her years later and whom she is still friends with). This would be Dot's last year at Roger Williams, but even to this day, she can still remember the high-tech dormitories and long nights spent using notebook paper to communicate with the guys in the dorms across the quad. To this day, the first thing that Dot mentions when she hears that another CTYer attended BRI is her fond memories of the crab apple tree near the lake that her RA let her eat from.

SAR 16.2 When Dot turned 12, she became old enough to attend CTY proper at Saratoga Springs. In the past year, she had lost contact with all her friends from Roger Williams, including her best friend Daisy Fernandez. However, on the first day, she ran into a familiar face. It was her friend from years ago! This was the first of many coincidences that kept their friendship alive for years to come. That year, Dot took Fast-Paced Introduction to High School Biology, a course that she still credits as the reason for her passing Freshman Biology. In this course, she made many friends, including Small-Bean John, Vijay, Yaurie, and Lara (who would be her first girl-crush). It was this year that Dot realized that she was bi-sexual, and also the first place that she came out. Outside of her classes, Dot also met a variety of new people, including Sasha (a Double Sessioner who was friends with Lara), Joey (a boy from China that she never heard from again after the Session), Hudson (who ended up leaving for Lancaster), Rhys (one of her best friends even to this day), and of course, Daisy Fernandez. These people formed together to form the original Lunch Table Cult, though it wasn't officially named yet. Dot enjoyed her squirrel year at Skidmore, learning everything from the many new Canon songs, to attempting (and giving up) raving.

I've been here for a long time so I'm too lazy to write out all my classes. I'll do this later guys