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Well, as of today (7/17/11, only a few days after 11.1 has ended) I am currently suffering from extreme PCTYD, so I thought I'd take time to update the user page that I was SUPPOSED to have.

Who I am

My name is Matt, I am a forevermore as of 2011.1, I live in Colorado, (and yes, I do know Lizzy) I will be 17 two days from today, and I will be entering my senior year at Chaparral High School (Public school is derp) I had the potential to be a five-year freak, but due to ignorance, I only went for three out of those five years.

I have taken the following classes:

  • LOS.09.1 CODE (Rahsaan's Hall)
  • LAN.10.1 COD2 (Doug's Hall, Inaugural class)
  • LOS.11.1 MIND (Erik's Hall, Fire Nation)

I am seriously considering a career in music, since I have been playing piano my whole life and it's probably my greatest talent. In that respect, my professional idol is Billy Joel, although I draw inspiration from Elton John, and, to a lesser extent, The Beatles. I play piano, as I stated earlier, but I also sing in my school choir, and I play guitar and bass.
I invented One-String Whip Poi at LAN.10.1, and I brought it to LOS in 11.1. If you want more details on OSW Poi, check the section below. I also was one of the co-creators of The Book of Love in LOS.11.1. If you want to know more about that, go check out that page.


OSW stands for One-String Whip. It involves using a single glowstick on a double-length string. Since I am a forevermore, I can say this without getting nabbed: I use my 09.1 and my 10.1 lanyards for strings. On the end is a single caribiner, which is called a "base." It lets you have a solid grip on the lanyards. The base is held in your less-dominant hand and you grip the lanyards with your dominant hand at the junction between the two. I had to make up most of these tricks over the course of last year, but I think I came up with some creative names for them. From here, I'm going to substitute some jargon: Downward means that the poi is going in a circle that points towards the ground (counter-clockwise if you're right-handed, clockwise for left) Inverted is in the other direction, pointing upward.

  • Harpoon
    • This trick starts in a backwards-directed circle in your dominant hand. You let go and the poi shoots out forward. You clamp your dominant hand down on the base to keep it from flying away.
  • Ankle wrap
    • This is achieved by crossing your foot opposite from your dominant hand over the other ankle as the poi comes downward. It'll wrap around your ankle and bounce back into a regular looping pattern.
  • Stomach wrap
    • Hold the base in your dominant hand. Spin it around your torso, and let your off-hand absorb some of the momentum from the string. You should be able to keep wrapping around.
  • Neck wrap
    • Same as stomach wraps, but around your neck. Make sure that the circle is parallel to the ground if you'd like to keep your face in one piece.
  • Shoulder change
    • Grip the lanyard a little more than halfway along. Spin it over your shoulder and into your armpit. Let it bounce back. If you started going Downward, you will go Inverted, and vice versa.
  • Illusion (as named by Erika C-S)
    • This is more of a footwork trick than an arm trick. Basically, it's a five-count beat that you whip around yourself. You dance in and out of the poi's path. It's much more easy to explain via video.
  • Step-change
    • Again, much easier to explan via video, but you throw the poi out either behind or in front of you, then pull it back after it loses its momentum. You should switch directions.

There are probably more of these. I'll come back and finish it sometime.


I am also an avid Rubik's Cuber. I took lessons on F2L from Lizzy H and PLL lessons from Dillon D. I know all my PLLs, I have an average cubing time of 30-40 seconds, and my record (as of last August) is 19 seconds.