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I like you, I love you, I CTY you.

22.2 Holder of the Duck & Duckscrollian


Spring 2019: Art Meets Science: Fiction (CTY Online Session-Based)

19.1: Fiction and Poetry (LAN)

19.2: Cryptology (LAN)

Spring 2020: Writing Analysis and Persuasion (CTY Online Session-Based)

20.1: Game of Life (CTY LIVE)

20.2: Proving What Can't Be Proven (CTY LIVE)

Spring 2021: From Structure to Style (CTY Online Session-Based)

21.2: Designing Inclusive Algorithms (CTY Problem-Based Courses)

22.2: Number Theory (LAN)

I made a speech at Passionfruit, but

there's still so much I want to say. I am grateful for an incredible number of people at CTY:

-my 19.1 hall: for being chill but always ready to rise to occasions requiring a great investment of energy. Naomi (20.1 Jester) was in my hall, and her knowledge of traditions was one of the reasons I was so enthusiastic about being involved in them; thank you!! Thanks to RA Eleanor for being so organized.

-the FicPoe teachers, Valerie and TA Rebekkah: for teaching me more about creative writing in three weeks than my rising-eighth-grade self could have dreamed I didn't know. I especially appreciate that you taught the class how to give feedback on other people's work: if we think something should change, we should suggest how to change it!

-my 19.2 hall: for the unparalleled chaos that comes from having a big hall. Shoutout to RA Rebecca for your sunniness.

-the Cryptology teachers, Forrest and TA Rachel: for your additional explanations whenever I didn't understand something. Special thank-you for Forrest's challenge to my roommate and me to make an RSA-cracking program, which we kept refining many months after the class ended.

-my 22.2 hall (and entire floor): for being a huge family. All of the old positionholder relics that were mailed by nomores were delivered to our floor, and it was absolutely magical and surreal opening those boxes with everyone else in the lounge. It was also pretty funny when we made a kaleidoscope. Thanks to RAs Ani and Mo for your support of continuing Lancaster tradition.

-the Number Theory teachers, Sam and TA Paige: for your individualized feedback and support. I appreciate so so much that you emphasized group work in that class: collaborative work has become quite rare in my school math courses, and you helped me rediscover that people doing math don't have to work by themselves, that working with other people exposes me to so many new ideas, and that group work is fun.

A few memories

19.1: seeing people sing "American Pie" before I knew what "American Pie" was; using my shoelaces to rave and then relacing my shoes the wrong way and having them feel weird for about a week; attending every Acting Improv and memorizing Sam's (19.1 Jester) opening speech; "FICPOE, LET'S GO!"; being awed by everyone else's writing in class

19.2: "Vanessa" as a fake Blammo name; dancing to "I'm Blue"; many many millipedes; "so how was your day?"; "that thing the one guy says instead of 'yes' that begins with an 'i' in that book about the library..." "'indubitably'?" (yes!); Oscar; "COOOOOOODE A"; everyone in Adams singing to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" while watching Mulan; my roommate and I programming Forrest's requested RSA-cracking algorithm; my first viewing of the National Plumbers Association

22.2: bringing back Second Saturday; joining the rave circle; people learning the "Ice Cream" dance on the fly while the song played at the second dance; constructing Waddles the Duck with the other Duckscrollians; the Minimax Theorem