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I was the duct tape dress girl at LAN.10.1 and fellow nerd to all my hoopy froods.

SERV.JHU.2.08 - Instructor: Dr. Kenya Davis-Hayes - TA: Julie Ritchick
ETYM.JHU.2.09 - Instructor: Jon Pirnia - TA: Doug Fraleigh
COGN.LAN.1.10 - Instructor: Monica Pires - TA: Kyle Rodrigues (WE LOVE KYLE!)

The Passionfruit speech I should have made

When I first came to CTY in 2008, I was the shyest person you could imagine. I had no self-esteem, I rarely spoke up in class, and I never went out to quad time. But after those first three weeks, I changed. I met my roommate, who would later become one of my best friends, and I learned how to interact with people and look at myself as an individual whose opinion mattered to others. My life had not been very stable outside of CTY, as I had been living overseas for two years and was about to move again, so leaving by CTY I was not only leaving those new friends, but the ones who I had come to love at home as well. Thus, when 2009 came around, I knew I needed to return to my safe haven.

In 2008, my dad had convinced me that taking Service Learning would benefit me more than taking some, obscure course. However, in 2009, I was allowed to pick my second course, and so I chose Etymologies. This was a great decision, as I loved every second of it and it made me realize that I really, really wanted to study linguistics in some capacity college, and made me so happy to find something that I was really good at and enjoyed. It also was the year that I discovered my passion for duct tape creations, after doing the Duct Tape Art activity one day at JHU. That year was a great year all around for making me more self-confident and happy with my life.

2010 was arguably the most unstable year of my life, as many things changed in my life: I moved back to Maryland, went to public school, and lost my father. All these factors combined to equal a generally low motivation in life and school, and it seemed unlikely for me to return to CTY as a nomore. However, by some miracle I was allowed to return for my final year, and, determined to make it fantastic, I went to Lancaster.

LAN.10.1 showed me how amazing the world could be. I loved every single one of the traditions and every part of the campus (even Schnader, as terrible as it was). The friends I made will always be remembered, and especially one amazing guy whom I will never forget. It was the sense of family, of belonging, and not being judged for being yourself that truly changed me and I will always try to bring CTY to Real Life and try to spread that sense of love and acceptance of everyone. CTY changed me, for better or for worse, and I wouldn't have it any other way. To quote one Passionfruit speech, "CTY is like a shower; it's great for a while, but after too long you become a prune." So of course I will miss CTY, but my time is done and CTY has changed me enough to know who I am and cope with life, and now it's time for a new generation to get lost in space.

I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.