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About Me

Hey I'm Logan Phillips and I'm a Session-2 No-More (next year). I've gone to CTY for 5 years now including 2 years of Baby CTY (Washington and Stamford) and 3 awesome years at Lancaster. I was Head Monk in 2008 and have forced Dan Trachet (Whom I passed the position on to) to make me one of his two assistants. While I miss having the Duct Tape Parrot, having a 16-Ton-Weight made of out Duct-Tape in your room is pretty damn awesome too. I come to basically every other reunion in New York and usually one in L.A. If I haven't contacted you yet (which I haven't) it's because my Lap-Top broke the moment CTY ended and I was on it leading to no chance to really contact anyone except through my parents computer which is awkward because then they see everything I've written when they kick me off. That's part of the reason why I'm writing this at 5.00 AM (and because I can't go to sleep because I just had a strange dream about the world ending and me running away from some sort of flood in which led me to CTY where everyone was having one last passion fruit before they all died). Haha, anyway, I'll try too contact you all by Wednesday when I get my laptop back. Please write anything you want here. I'll update this page later and make it look less like I wrote it at 5.00 AM (which I did). I love CTY and I love the passion fruit (though not right before I die because of a flood).

Logan I would like to say that you and this user entry are both slightly insane-Maddy

The above statement has been seconded. - Marnie.