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Carlisle 07.1 Philosophy of the Mind

   Devirginized by Kimmy Cheng with Rosalie Nathans (chicken dance)

Carlisle 09.05 Ethics

   (Known as the session of Epidemic Fail)
   Re-devirginized by Jeanette Kim with Rosalie Nathans and Connie Zhou (giggles dance)
   Refered to as Bummsie, girl who danced at meetmarket, or as the one who karaoked to 'I Touch Myself'
   The session of the notorious plaid shorts.

Princeton 2010.1 Global Politics A: Human Rights and Justice

   I don't know what to say, except this session changed my life. Refer to passionfruit toast.


Rosalie Nathans: CTY related sister 07.1 09.05

Jeanette Kim: CTY related mother 09.05

Brittany Brazil: CTY related daughter 09.05

Hattie Mclean: CTY related sister 2010.1

Delilah Hogan: CTY related daughter 2010.1

Judy Song: CTY related parental 07.1

Ariel Carpenter and Fallon Winters: CTY related Aunts 07.1

Jane Lee: Blood related


"The best CTY mother anyone could have." -Brittany Brazil

"DWONK HAS A DONK" - refering to James Carino