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hiiii it's emilie!!!!!!

LAN 18.1.

first year at CTY, and sadly, last at LAN.1. met some wonderful, wonderful people, including anna chaus, the most incredible roommate, ashley chung, anushka raina, marco ching, jenny klein, anna tran, jacob shaw, krish matta, lindsey russ, joy luo, and so many more. marco- i miss your impressions SO MUCH GODDAMNIT!!!! let's go to the central park zoo soon when you're back in the US.

started off strong? had to move in a day early because of weird scheduling but literally just roamed F&M on my own and laid on the quad under the stars until 3am?? big thanks to the two first floor halls of North Ben and the wonderful quoteboard. fulllllly immersed into canon so quickly hahaha, started the @ctylancaster instagram halfway through the session. the account has since been passed on to other CTYers once i learned i was unable to return to LAN.1: zelie chowaiki and deirdre cuniffe so far. woot woot!

binge watched Queer Eye obsessively, and pulled numerous all-nighters and ISOs. whoops. my nights without sleep (perhaps more than with) caught up to me when i had a series of intense nosebleeds and had to leave class to go to Lancaster General Hospital! fun! luckily, i returned back to the hallowed grounds of franklin and marshall in but a few hours, my nosebleeds cured. big thanks to bioA and betsy for putting up with my crazy antics.

blammo: this year was my first and only year playing blammo. i was incredibly dedicated to this game. perhaps too dedicated. i will say that i made it to the final survivors-- i believe that there were 6 at the end? whether or not i made it because i literally never put down my spoon or because i had a pretty select group of friends that i stuck with is still unclear. also, it was my RA's first year and she would show us photos of our blammo targets. still not sure if that was legal. made ~8 or 9 kills? but sadly did not win due to another CTYer with 10 kills. oh well. i tried reintroducing blammo to CAR.2, with no avail. :(

oh. but what an experience. the summer of my life. the summer i completely changed. CTY does that to you, doesn't it?

CAR 19.2

i went on a NOLS course early in the summer and was not expecting to be able to attend CTY. luckily, a gap in my summer arose, but i couldn't register in time for LAN.1 and had to register at dickinson. visited F&M in early july and snuck into a 19.1 LAN dance that evening before joining the next day. let that be my legacy. was initially going to join on the quad but then it started raining so i had to sneak into Mauser which was, honestly, much more difficult. huge thanks to marco ching and anna chaus for helping, and to the RAs who seemingly believed that i had locked myself out of Mauser with no lanyard??? i'd just like to think my acting chops are great cause that was not a great (nor believable) backstory.

ironically, at CAR.2, i ran into the two people from LAN.1 that i had not been in contact with. despite being enrolled in the same course, we were not in the same class and thus were in different halls because i was a month younger. thanks also to all the wonderful new people i met: claire yang, zane rasmussen, blade kalikow, isaac taylor, vineel nadakuditi, brian jung, vivian lee, dhruv gupta, and more. big shoutout to the caf frozen yogurt, asia's hall for winning hall wars, and my squirrel children (my whole hall kinda? love u daphne). much love to you all. you made my nomore year wonderful:)

hmm. kinda want to write a movie about cty. (jun 2 2020)