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awl righty, then. Now that I'm not as depressed as Marvin the Paranoid Android,

  • I took Middle Ages in Bethlehem, 06.1
  • My Squirrel Year consisted of me taking ETYM.LAN.07.1 with the bestest bunch of classmates a gal could ask for, eating lunch at a long table with people who mixed together something of half-eaten tomato soup + jell-o + gatorade and drank it, and asking everyone WHAT on earth Blammo was. nobody actually told me, but that's why there's a great website like this around.
  • I can't go back this year. :( but I promised all the people I email far too frequently that while they're at camp, I will use up a good portion of quad time with phone calls every night.

um... for those of you who were at Lancaster first session last year... if you saw a girl with a strange, large green stuffed bug that was always taken to study hall with her, that was me. but you probably didn't see me, it's a pretty big campus. yeah.

That's... why I'm a bug... Entymologies Bug... that, and people keep confusing Etymologies with entymologies, the study of bugs. It's not.

I was witness to several important events, such as the creation of Nameless, the Dr. Mario Dance (...okay, well I "witnessed" it but I didn't get to see much because of the amazing number of tall guys standing in front of me... so I had to jump up and down continuously, and still didn't see anything.), and the epic waterballoon fight with the Ruvenites that I'm now apparently a villain in! woohoo! It was like... my class and all our hallmates against Frank Wang and Ruven's halls. I feel so very special.

Heh... has anyone been offended by my overusage of heinous pronouns yet? well, I'll give you a hint: I have a very common 5-letter name. Very, very common. and... *counts of fingers* yes, 5 letters!

I am also the Cogitorian Foggy_Skies3, so... anyone else...?