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Hello!!! My name is Emily Rabinovich and I was the LAN 16.2 Documentator and 17.2 Duck. I live in Cleveland, Ohio so if you live near there hmu and we can chat because it gets lonely out here in the Midwest!!

Baby CTY Courses

CHS 11.2 Examining the Evidence

CHS 12.2 Bay Ecology

CTY Courses

LAN 13.2 Logic: Principles of Reasoning

LAN 14.2 Cognitive Psychology

LAN 15.2 Utopias and Dystopias

LAN 16.2 Philosophy of Mind

LAN 17.2 Neuroscience


Documentator -- LAN 16.2

Duck -- LAN 17.2

Fanhammer -- 2000-Forever


Insta: emilyrabinovich

Twitter: emilyrabinovich

Snapchat: emilyr42

Pls talk to me Thx.