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Hey, I'm Nora. I guess you could say I'm a forevermore now. I spent my squirrel year at Carlisle taking cog psych. Then for the next three years I went to LANCASTER! I took Latin 1, Philomind and, finally, Etym. I meet many, MANY amazing people, and did a lot of crazy stuff. (DOD, dancing lasha tumbai, jacking lawn signs... you get the drift). I had so much fun over the years, and it's hard to believe its over. I don't want this to turn into a post-passionfruit speech, but you know I love you guys. My roomates have been awesome. (Kaeli, Angela) and otherall, I'd have to say that CTY has made my life just that much better. Ok, I'm gonna stop before I get sappy and stuff. Anyway, if you wanna write something, you can, otherwise... i dunno.

I <3 CTY!!!

woooo, chip bowl!! -chip bowl/Dr. Tunder/Aaron

Alas, Nora is a nomore-Everett

BOWL APPETIT three cheese rotini is my life - Greekling Amy

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I love this girl! -Kaeli!