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“I’m not dead yet.” -Me


SHD 12.1 - HERO

CHS 13.1 - EXAM

CAR 14.2 - INCW

LAN 15.2 - TOPI A

LAN 16.1 - FICT

LAN 17.2 - WRT3

LAN 18.2. - MIND


3 out of the 4 years I went to Lan, the air conditioning caused ear infections, leading to a much deeper bond with the health staff than I would have wanted. Tip: don’t dry your wet clothes on your air conditioner, especially if you live in Schnader. You WILL get sick.

Squirrel Children

In 17.2, I was a squirrel parent to Emma Hathaway, Rebecca Arian, and Felix Brener.

Other Notable Achievements

In 15.2, our TOPI A class created a dessert called the Doug, named after the kid who first made it. (The recipe was later perfected by yours truly.) To make a Doug, get a plate and lay four brownies in a square on the plate. Drown the brownies in ice cream. Add liberal amounts of chocolate syrup and whipped cream—LAN no longer carries whipped cream in the milk refrigerator, so this step can be replaced with more syrup. Mash the whole thing into a chunky liquid. Then give everyone at your table a spoon and enjoy.

A personal Doug should be made in a bowl, with only one brownie. However, Dougs are for sharing, so you should only make a personal Doug if you have no friends. Immediately after consuming the personal Doug, you should get up and make some friends.

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