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" completely making this up off the top of my head, I'll try and keep it short.
I look back at the 9 weeks I spent at CTY-3 years-and think of all the things I haven't done, and will never have the opportunity to do again. I've never had an ISO. Ive never dropped my tray and let people clap. I've never hooked up with anyone. I never got on a frisbee team. I still can't throw a forehand.
Then I look at the things I have done, that I couldn't have done anywhere else. In Chemistry, I blew stuff up. (*thumbs up and big goofy smile*) In Game Theory, I discovered just how annoying it is to sit for 45 minutes while your teacher uses condensed tableaus to find the probability of winning a game of Rock Paper Scissors, only to find you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning, something we knew already. In Physics, I found out why my older school friends hate Physics. I learned how to rave. I can't do it, but hey, I learned. I've had CTY crushes, I've been CTY crushes, and I learned that irony absolutely sucks. Usually I'd use a different word (*mouths "fucking"*) but that word is generally frowned upon.
CTY has changed me as a person. I...I didn't function in society like everyone else, I sorta consider CTY practice for the real world. I guess CTY is kinda like a mini version of the real world, but with cooler people, even though there are cool people all around, you just have to look hard enough.
I-...To Eli Aubain and Pat Sullivan. I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit."

- J.R. Walsh, 8/3/07
Passionfruit, Skidmore College, Session 2


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