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-Carlisle 15:2, Malcolm 2nd (Joe Kelly). Attended Cryptology with Will Morgan, Yaseen Hegab, and Veronica Abad. Friends with Colin Jia and Nikita Romanov from Intro to BioMed.

-Carlisle 16:1, Quad 6 2nd (Eli W.). Attended Probability and Game Theory.

-Carlisle 17:1, TBD. Class TBD. I'm definitely coming back.

Other cool stuff:

-Held a raving activity with 31 people (SIGN UP IN 2017)

-First Mad Monarch

-Performed in Talent Show 16:1 with Yaseen Hegab

If you're looking to learn how to rave and you're attending 17.1, find me in upper quad during Meet Market. I'll be happy to help.