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Gaya G.

Hi y'all. I'm Gaya.


LAN 14.1: Cryptology

LAN 15.1: Philosophy of Mind

LAN 16.1: Astrophysics/Astrology B/Astroloby G

LAN 17.1: Cognitive Psychology

Some Stuff

Proud member of the Jaegwon Jagiars of MIND A


Sir... ...what? (cog psych 2k17)

I've lived in every dorm except for Weis (Schnader was A Time)

I like Broadway musicals, can kinda spin some raves, and may be dying in Number Theory at 18.1.

  • Blammo -Hudson
  • <3 -ur favorite jester
  • Who is this Gaya person? *and the cycle continues* -Andrew
  • You ate all my chips but I still love you. -Jacko Flasho
  • I love you muchly and we are forever united under the banner of moomin valley, something that can never be taken lightly -dad