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My name is Chris Geissler; my username derives from the fact that eveyone, not just at CTY, calls me by my last name.

I squirreled at Lancaster in 06.1, taking Paleobiology and residing in Adam Roush's hall (Fourth Thomas). I'm a Two-year-tragedy-to-be, a situation of tragedy indeed.

My second and final year of CTY took place at LAN 07.1, where I took Cognitive Psychology and lived on 3rd Kunkel, with RA Bo.

If you were at LAN 07.1, you may remember me as the "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" guy at Passionfruit.

Feel free to contact me at:


AIM: Madskeptic42

07.1 Passionfruit Speech

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité." These ideals of freedom, equality, and brotherhood served as the driving force behind the French Revolution. But what the French didn't realize was that the place which embodied those principles most wouldn't come for another two hundred years, in the form of a few enclaves of nerdy people on college campuses scattered around the United States for a few weeks each summer. And while we all know what intellectual freedom and the equality stand for, it's this brotherhood, this fellowship (to use a more gender-neutral term) which matters most. It makes CTY the wonderful place it is, and keeps people like me coming back while we're able.

And so I say to you, my fellows: I love CTY And I love the Passionfruit.

  • drinks of the Passionfruit bottle, which was Turkey Hill Orangeade*