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I'm Allen. I was in INBS A at LAN 17.1.

I like eating and sleeping. That's about it.

I dubbed a lot of my friends at CTY.

Have a good life.


LAN 17.1 Introduction to Biomedical Sciences (INBS-A)

Instructor: Dr. Heba Sadek

TA: the potato Marcos Lu Wang

RA: Luke, the chillest RA there was

Roommate: some farting idiot named Sidd

Third Roommate: Colin came over every night to play cards; he liked to sleep in our room

His Roommate: Benjamin, our computer genius midget

Father: Phillip, a.k.a. Leg Extensions, who has a new girlfriend now.

Mother: Anna, who gave me her ramen when I was hungry.

Aunt: Emily, who called me Marshmellow Cheeks for some reason.

Uncle: Spaghetti (Christopher), whom Sara had a crush on.

Sister: Priyanka, who's sad because I'm the favorite child.

Adopted Sister: Saia, she's a real life angel.

Grandfather: Edgy Edgy Edward. We all called him Kim Jong Un Jr.

And many many more...

Thank you for the memories.