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Empress SAR 19.1

SAR 19.1 - Fundamentals of Microeconomics

SAR 18.1 - Macroeconomics and the Global Economy

SAR 17.1 - Cryptology I

SAR 16.1 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

CHS 14.1 - Introduction to Robotics



Alright so this story starts all the way in SAR 16.1. It was my first year at Cty saratoga and I was on my way to my activity. It just so happened RA Mike was running the activity and as he was calling out the people he attempted to say my name. Somehow RA Mike messed up and pronounced my name wrong (even though it’s pretty simple). I corrected him and let him know how to pronounce it and basically forgot about it. That very same day I found him again in the dinning hall and said hi. Once again RA Mike mispronounced my name. I was nice so I just corrected him again and kept going. However, RA Mike kept doing this. No matter how many times I corrected him he somehow kept messing up my name. So... on water day I decided to get revenge. My hall had won water day and had the chance to throw food at the staff. Thankfully, RA Mike was one of the people that volunteered. I graciously volunteered to be one of the people in my hall to throw food at the RA’s and totallyyyyy targeted Mike. It was amazing let me tell you that. He had coffee grounds in his hair for days. So I got my revenge. The next year (17.1) my hall won again. So I decided to start a little tradition. Every year (if my hall won) I would target RA Mike in the gauntlet. IT JUST SO HAPPENED THAT MY HALL WON WATER DAY EVERY YEAR THAT I WAS IN SARATOGA AKA 4 YEARS IN A ROW. It was epic. And eventually on my last year I was picked to be royalty so I had to participate in the gauntlet myself and RA Mike got his revenge and put chocolate syrup and honey all over my hair. My hair was smelling like chocolate syrup for days.