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☯Grant Kim☯

CTY has always been something to look forward to during the school year. The community is full of bright, smart, and beautiful people. It's the only place I've felt that I can truly be myself and truly be accepted. Before I went to CTY, I was THAT quiet, shy Asian kid with no social skills. If you know me, you know that's not true now. I'm thankful for all that CTY has taught me and all the wonderful experiences it's given me. It's made me a better person, and I made friends at CTY that I'll never forget (unlike school). Only one more year left, oh yeah. Also if you remember any of the people I forgot please edit their names in woop

BTH 09.2: Crystals and Polymers
Instructor: CAN'T REMEMBER THIS SUCKS --> Made my realcty account in 2014 that's why
RA: Keith

(insert a number of dumb camps that my mom made me go to instead of CTY, two years lost *cries*)

CAR 12.2: Fast-Paced High School Chemistry
Instructor: Mr. Crum!
RA: Efe

CAR 13.1: Ethics
Instructor: Tyler
TA: god why cant i remember TAs
RA: Josiah

CAR 13.2: Fast-Paced High School Physics
Instructor: Peter
TA: ...
RA: Asher

PBD 14.1: Civic Leadership Institute
Instructor: Pearl
TA: Natalie
RA: Cole

CAR 14.2: Existentialism
Instructor: Karl
TA: Rachel
RA: Sean Y.