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I've edited this page to prevent Web crawlers from picking up my name/personal info and associating it with this page. For the sake of preservation, I haven't touched the rest of this page.

My name is [redacted]. I have gone to CTY Lancaster Session 1 for all of my years of CTY (2005-2008). I am probably most well-known for creating the Dr. Mario Dance (which is now Canon!).

For those of you who support the Dr. Mario Dance, thank you so much. To the max. It really means a lot, and I'm totally excited to see how far it gets in tradition, specifically how long it manages to remain a part of the Lower Canon.

A video of me doing the dance can be found here.

During CTY 2007, by some godly stroke of luck, I was roommates with Zev Hurwich.

At Passionfruit during my third year of CTY (2007), the Holy Grail of the Son was passed on to me by Tina Ritter. The Holy Grail of the Son represents creativity, creating new CTY tradition, and staying fresh and on top of things. Being a holder of the Grail was totally awesome! I hope it will be passed into worthy hands for years to come.

At Passionfruit during my fourth and final year of CTY (2008), I passed down the Holy Grail of the Son to Alex "Sasha" Ayvazov.

If you ever need a hug or a good talk, you can always count on me. I hope your experiences at CTY are totally rad. Mine sure were.

My History at CTY


During my first year of CTY in 2005, I was completely non-traditionalist. I stayed inside during dances, and I knew nothing of the popular CTY activities. However, I did overall have a good time, considering I learned about a branch of mathematics that was new to me, and I did make some friends and have fun. The most notable event, however, was probably during the last dance (which I was forced to attend, since it was indoor due to a thunderstorm) when my friend Artem expressed that he really cared about me, effectively curing my "depression" I had throughout middle school. Honestly, I am unsure exactly how that one moment completely cured me; perhaps it just shattered what I had so ignorantly convinced to myself without question over the years. Regardless, that event was also why I ultimately decided to return to CTY the next summer.


I still refused to participate in dances and traditions in CTY 2006, although this time around, I was at least happy with where I was in life. I had friends. I was also in the same class as Dharun, a buddy from my school. I do not believe I am still in contact with many people I met in 2006. However, the year was, once again, mostly uneventful, except for the creation of the Dr. Mario Dance.


CTY 2007 is what changed everything for me. By some incredible chance, I was roommates with Zev Hurwich, a very well-known and totally rad fellow at CTY. Though the session started the same as usual, I slowly exposed myself to more and more tradition, thanks to making friends with Zev and people associated with him. Though I had still been missing out on some of the more important traditions (BLT, Acting Improv, Silent Football, Rocky Horror, and more), I was still introduced to many. As I did this, I started to become extremely close to some of my new friends. However, some found me to be annoying and clingy, which I must admit I was in some circumstances. Also, my hall very willingly accepted the Dr. Mario Dance, and so I taught them, as well as my RA, Ruven, and Frank Wang. As we performed it during a dance and again at the end of the Talent Show, more and more people took a liking to the dance and wanted to learn.

During Passionfruit on the last day of the session, three nomores who called themselves the Trinity - comprised of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost - were ready to pass down their positions to three onemores who they felt deserved them. As the Son represented creativity and the creation of tradition, I was awarded the Holy Grail of the Son, and thus was to be the Son of CTY 2008. As CTY came to a close, I learned some important social lessons about being clingy and understanding from subtle expressions how people feel about me. I also become inexplicably infatuated over a certain girl whom I crushed on like a little kid.


CTY 2008 was my most enjoyable year, and ironically, my most damaging. As the Son, I quickly caught up with the rest of the traditions and made friends with everyone in the Alcove. However, because CTY directly followed a break-up that gave me a strange sense of freedom, I began to develop unhealthy philosophies regarding relationships, social groups, physical contact, etc. I ended up kissing several different girls regularly, and I let my strange ways influence others. By the time the session was over, I was caught in a surreal state of mind with extremely unrealistic expectations of the world, myself, and those around me. The time period following CTY '08 was very difficult for me, but fortunately, I've recovered since.


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