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Hiya. I'm Ian Day.

You may know me as that one idiot who was screwing around with that mousetrap. The reason the pay phone is upside down in the second floor of South Ben. You can find me wearing a army surplus UCP Boonie hat, wandering aimlessly. My roommate was Bryce. Bryce, Henry, Will and I were all members of the cult of the L. "HAIL MARCOS" "TAKE THE L" (LAN 18.2)

You may know also know me for Thermite on breaks and at passionfrut, inventing hobo bag laundry, making Twinkie, and wearing a dress for the last dance. I wore a boonie hat in a digital woodland camo, sometimes with shotgun shells crammed in the hat. My roommate was Kiran.

I love CTY and I love the passionfruit


LAN 18.2 INBS C with Dr. Sadek and TA Marcos (Dionel's hall)

CAR 19.2 CHEM B with Kris and TA Shirley (Mackintyre's hall)

Notable Quotes and Memories

A large collection of quotes, inside jokes, and memories that doesn't tie in to anything

"...To vigorous exothermic reactions *Thermite snap* " (CAR 19.2)

"Wanna Brass whistle?" (CAR 19.2)

"Buy my stocks, I make you rich" (CAR 19.2)

"Mackintyre, I have to do my hobo bag laundry." (CAR 19.2)


Saving 5 US dollars on laundry, through hobo bag laundry(CAR 19.2)

" *pop* Shirley, I think i blew up the combustion piston" (CAR 19.2)

Screaming "GOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM" during a rainstorm (CAR 19.2)

"Wanna brass whistle? It's lead free I swear." (CAR 19.2)

" *crack* Holy Sh*t, I think the cannonball broke in two." (CAR 19.2)

Made Twinkie, the gallon of poly-snow (CAR 19.2)

"It's not crack, its Twinkie" (CAR 19.2)

"There are no standard denaturing agents in mouthwash, so drinking it is definitely contraband." (CAR 19.2)

"Look, I melted the test tube"(CAR 19.2)

"Take the L" or "Take L" (LAN 18.2)

"I love abortion Pigs!" (LAN 18.2)

"Wheres my Scalpel?" (LAN 18.2)

"Must... clean... scalpel... more" (LAN 18.2)