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So, I'm Maddie, and I've been to every CTY site except for LA and did baby CTY for five years. So my life kinda revolves around CTY. I was supposed to nomore out after 10.2, but managed to convince the admin in Baltimore to let me come back for one more year. Happily, this means that I get to call myself a ten-year!

11.1: Advanced Cryptology at Lancaster

10.2: Utopias and Dystopias at Lancaster

10.1: Cryptology C at Lancaster

09.2: Physics at Lancaster

09.1: Law and Politics in US History at JHU

08.2: Etymologies at JHU

08.1: Ancient Greek at Carlisle

07.1: International Politics at Skidmore

06.1: Bay Ecology at Chestertown

05.1: Model United Nations at Garrison Forrest

04.1: The Edible World at Garrison Forrest

03.1: Inventions at Garrison Forrest

02.1: Journeys and Explorations at Garrison Forrest

[From Kungpowbarton: Hey Maddie!!! I slightly OCD'd and reformatted your dates :) sorry.]

HEY MADDIE, YOU SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED LOSER. i love you a lot. you're my favorite person ever, but remember; platonic macking never works. <3, meeeee