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Hey there! I'm Imogen but you can call me Immy. I'll be your father for 19.1 and unfortunately, I will respond to Daddy. Feel free to come find me if you want someone to talk to or hang out with! If I'm not on the quad I'm probably in the alcove or doing something stupid somewhere. Tseela is my squirrel mom and I love her vEry much. I'm a Florida man (yes I live in Florida) and I feed my alligator every day.

I also have the Galaxy hat so feel free to just take it off my head I guess.


LMU 16.1 - Creative Nonfiction

LAN 17.1 - Fast Paced Highschool Biology

LAN 18.1 - Logic, Principles of Reasoning (SIR JACOB AND KING KORB)

LAN 19.1 - Fast Paced Highschool Physics

daddy daddy daddy daddy daDDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY D

I love you daddy, please don’t be mad at me for my job. I’ll give you 20% and free shows whenever, ok?