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Dave Park

Hi. I attended LAN 94.2, LAN 95.1 and LAN 95.2. In 94.1, I think, played bass in Action Kato, a talent show band named for a Wolverine action figure to which I'd taped a picture of Kato Kaelin's face; we played the Weezer song "Say It Ain't So." In 95.2, I think, I played lead guitar in the Meat Pilots, who played the Meat Puppets song "Backwater." I also co-emceed the talent show one year- I think 94.2. We almost got the Bouncing Souls song "These Are the Quotes From Our Favorite Eighties Movies" semi-canonized.

I grew up and became a lady! My name changed to Imogen Binnie, I moved to Brooklyn, played in a bunch of awful punk bands, and lately (01/2008) I sing and play guitar in Angela Chase. I squandered all my potential, double majored in college and now I work in a bookstore. I also organize with Camp Trans and have a livejournal.