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James Dean LAN.11.1, LAN.12.1
Jester LAN.13.1

LAN 10.1 Etymologies
LAN 11.1 The Critical Essay: Popular Culture
LAN 12.1 Cognitive Psychology
LAN 13.1 Number Theory

so, this is me.

Hi. I'm Jamin. Ben. Whatever.
Nice to meet you. I live in California.
I'll be returning to session 1 this year (2012), and the year after (hopefully) I returned this year (2012) and will return next year (2013) as your jester (the one who jests?). 2013 was my nomore year. I like dancing smartness and science and being silly and silly hats. I like bells and bells on hats and how they jingle, and most importantly, I like YOU. Not in that way! (Maybe.) You're taking this a bit fast. Let's get to know each other. I hope to see you at CTY. Or other places. If you're coming to California, let me know. Seriously. It gets lonely out here.

contact me at:




Eli: I'm ready and waiting to be sipped. Your move. <3

<deleted old stuff don't worry i still love you>


<deleted because i love sam fishman more>