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Jared Brunner

Empress CAR.16.1

Hardcore philosophy nerd, writes pretty dark stories and poetry, original Kanyetheist (with SK Allen), also roasted all the RA's in a talent show (with SK Allen), major player in the Nutella Wars (with Matthew Sims), Robel's Hall Member and creator of "A Thousand Years" and the spreading/beating the dead horse of the infamous Singerine/Cosgerine plague of 2015.1 (as well as the accompanying 10 minute video he made of him asking people the fateful question).

Best hair/flow in all of nerd camp through the years:

2011-2013: Greasy Luscious Locks

2014: Burgundy bucket hat

2015: Purple hair with the purple swag

2016: Tiara on the dome

Course History:

Heroes and Villains BTH.11.2

Writing and Imagination BTH.12.2

Freaks and Geeks in Popular Media CAR.13.1

Fiction and Poetry CAR.14.1

Existentialism CAR.15.1

Interpol CAR.16.1