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Jasper Barnett. With Ethan, started the Duct Tape Bondage during Quad Time on Love Tape Day at LAN xx.2. Squirrel child of Conner Shelton and Matt McFarlane (which may explain many of his unusual quirks). May also be responsible for the banning of hot sauce at Passionfruit (it was never really a good idea anyway). Also, I am organizing a yearly LAN reunion in either DC or NYC (alternating), on Presidents' Day weekend (which does occasionally coincide with Love Tape Day!). I like you, I love you, I CTY you!

Claims to "Fame"

Duct Tape Dress of LAN 15.2.

That guy with the rocket that everyone at 15.2 signed

Fixed the WIFI (14.2)





Random other things

Go to hell Jasper XD