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Hey everybodies, I'm Jordan, aka...

  • That Midget Kid
  • Commuter Kid
  • Little Kid

About Me

I'm a former squirrel here at CTY, considering that if I had wanted to go on 05, I would've just graduated from 6th, so I spent my first session at LAN.06.2, where I was the only commuter student, a frequent AI player, and a THEO student with Pomm 'n' Timmer. My RA was kinda-sorta Alec, beause he was my male classmates' counseler, but also kinda-sorta was no one, because I was a commuter. Also, I was originally going to be taking MATH to prepare for calc, but I switched because the teacher said I was ready for calculus, except for some limits stuff which he taught me at lunch one Wednesday. Chances are, I'm coming back to LAN.07.2 next year, as the same ol' commuter kid I was during 06. Last but not least, I am currently 12 freakin' years old, and I LOVE Homestar Runner.

Well, as of 8-31, I'm now 4 days into highschool. Things have been going ok so far, except that I'm getting tons of homework. Third day: 5 1/2 hours. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Also, people always seem to be talking about me behind my back, like, I could a pair of boys walking in the hall and one would say, "Ya see that kid? He's 12." or something like that. Calc is going ok so far, NIXXI, so I don't think I'm going to get [explitive deleted, and never realy put in]. OK?

Also, I see myself as being really pushy and shove-y in the hall, so I can get to my class on time.


Here you can sign my online guestbook. Any instances of "Parse!" will be Deleted! or Baleeted! or Delorted! or whatev. Sign below the line.

Little Kid!!! (oh, and you mean Delorted, don't you?)

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