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Janet Sun ☼

(if anyone ever reads this, forgive me for not formatting anything v_v )

CTY has been very good to me. When I came here, I was seriously overwhelmed by the sense of community, and I really felt like everyone loved and appreciated everyone (even lil' ol me ;m; ). I love y'all, and you're the reason I'm not always a stereotypically shy Asian girl, although I could still use a lil practice ^^"

CAR 11.2: Creative Nonfiction

Instructor: Michael Horton

TA: Margaret, who said maybe 4 words the entire session

RA: Dianna

CAR 12.2: Fiction and Poetry

Instructor: Val

TA: Christopher

RA: Renae

CAR 13.2: Probability and Game Theory

Instructor: Misha

TA: Holly

RA: Addy

Forevermore. I like you, I love you, I CTY you.