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I'm Julia Gureck. CAR08.1 CAR09.2 CAR10.2 CAR11.2. I was incredibly honored to be Passionfruit Emperor session 2, 2011, and I maintain that Rebecca Trickey is a liar (She was, in fact, named the next Passionfruit Empress not out of sheer luck but because she deserved it.) Weird how those things work.

My favorite games to play are ERS (little known fact is that this is my one true talent and I haven't lost a game in 3 years) and "let's see how long I can stare at Charlie Maier before he has an emotional breakdown!" The latter is my favorite.

I love CTY and I could not be more grateful for the people I met there. I love you all. Have I mentioned how grateful I am? Because I really, really am. I feel so lucky for the experiences I had at CTY and the people I met.

  • Here's to the best 12 weeks of my life.
  • Here's to the greatest people I'll ever meet.
  • Here's to everyone who came before me and everyone who will come after.
  • Here's to being Forever Young with all of you.
  • I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.