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Hi there! I'm Juliet (if you couldn't already figure that out). People call me "Jules" or "JKB."

Classes, Sites, Sessions, etc.

LAN.09.1.ASTR ~ 2 North, Schnader, Betsy
LAN.10.1.CODE.B ~ Thomas, Bree (I think I was either on floor 3 or 4)
LAN.11.1.FCPS ~ 2A, North Bend, Erin
LAN.12.1.THEO.B ~ 1 South, Schnader, Ali

Ok yeah you guys can leave messages and stuff so yeah here

Jamin: bay bay nigglets, space junk, kony kony kony. we're awful.

Hi i was told to write on this

Danny: JULES I love Juliet, in case you haven't noticed, we're married.
<3 for you, Juliet
-Danny M.


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