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This is Max Randhahn's page, which was in sore need of an update. I've had fun here at CTY, and I hope you did too. You'll either know me as the one who had a nasty rash on his face in 08 or the one with the hat and Pac-Man shirt. And if you were in North Ben in 09, you may have heard me whistling the Luigi's Mansion theme or singing Scottish folk songs at night.

First year: LAN 08.1 Logic B

Second year: LAN 09.1 History of Disease B (best year evar, no offense, Charles.)

My Immortal readings (and other 'porn'), hat thievery, Rob the awesome RA whom I never saw again, epic two-player ERS matches that took upwards of twenty minutes, breaking a fever by dancing it out, salt, several crushes that I never acted on, awesome roommate and roommate that left me (but was still awesome), terrible bathrooms, and other hilarious miscellany. HAHAHA! GOOD TIMES!

So I kind of feel bad that I didn't have a very good Passionfruit speech. This is partly because I'm terrible at public speaking and decided to improv my speech on the spot, but also because I had to dance around some touchy subjects, namely the Alcove. Being a member of the group, I didn't want to offend anyone by making public my opinion that it doesn't matter what happens after we leave as long as others have a good time - what matters is what we, the forevermores, took from it. It was a bit nihilistic, or so I thought, and so I tried to give a bland version in my speech. I feel that it could have used some spice, but I doubt I'll write down an edited version since I've forgotten damn near everything I would have said.

Anyway, here endeth the rant. If you actually read this, kudos.

Feel free to write things in this space!

Attention: Max Randhahn is a very good pillow and all who have the opportunity should use him as such. Also, I'm stealing his "write things here" section idea for my own page. -Zoe M. Max I miss you! - Hope Hopethepope 19:30, 24 July 2009 (PDT)