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Felicitations. I am the KarmaChaosKing (aka best/worst Blamo God(aka Jesse)). I was blessed/cursed to go to CTY not once, not twice, but thrice (if you count baby CTY). My years were as follows:

Baby CTY Bristol 18.2; Class: Model UN; RA: Nate (?)

Saratoga 19.2; Class: International Politics; Instructor: Rupa; TA: Anna; Hall: Howe-Rounds 1; RA: Alex (aka Bean); Roommate: Avi

THE LOST YEARS A moment of silence for those who aged out during lockdown.

Saratoga 22.2; BLAMO GOD; Class: Exploring Ethics; Instructor: Katrina Haaksma; TA: Chris Yee (Baby Farm Industrialist); Hall: Wilmarth/Wetmarth/Sweaty 1; RA: Nate Frueh (different Nate); Roomate: Dax