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hey! i'm kate halabi, the girl from kansas and poetry goddess 20.2 :)


International Politics 18.2 -Dan!!!(Em's hall)

Existentialism 19.2 -Karl and Cody!!!!!(Arely's hall)

Ethics 20.2?? edit: rip

passionfruit highlights

I know that literally no one cares about these but I want to remember as much as possible so here we go!


  • tim time all the time, tim time all the time
  • kate and evelyn's iconic roommate duo (with twinkle lights)
  • tech crew!!
  • "are you the persian gulf?..."
  • cthulu
  • an impulse buy of grapefruit from walmart
  • sharkboi and squirrel boiiii
  • poland
  • passive aggressively competing with xander while writing about israel's national interest


  • abla gang!!
  • pathetic panini
  • everywhere i go, i see his face... SPIDERMAN DORITOS!
  • you go to UCLA??
  • karl's depressing lecture on goth day(and every other day)
  • my truth melon, Toto!!
  • and of course, the crying that ensued after having to smash the said Toto
  • karl's executioner outfit
  • cody, cody ******
  • existential pushups
  • evelyn's open bed, never slept in
  • tomato soup!
  • hitting the woah instead of catching bailey's melon
  • no one understanding my love of freddys
  • "because love gnawed his vitals!!" -and the poetry night following
  • being appointed poetry goddess!!

i like you, i love you, i cty you <3