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Hey! I'm Emily, also known at CTY as "Keith".

I'm looking back on this in 2019 and I hate to say this but the cringe IS real. I can't believe we can't change usernames on here. I really wished that adding to this wiki was mandatory so I could go back and reminisce since my memory really is awful, but unfortunately it's not so I'll just have to trust y'all to find me instead: my Instagram is @vrailimerence), and my Discord is vamprince#4547.

Philomind 17.2, I love and miss you guys so much. Cog Psych 18.2, y'all crazy and I love that we still keep in touch and visit each other. I'm glad we're still friends.

2023 - just remembered this existed and ran back to take out some of the more embarrassing stuff on here . insta is still @vrailimerence, CTY still changed my life and i still cry to american pie.


LAN.17.2 Philosophy of Mind, with JARED JAREBEAR!!!!! (North Ben 221 with Esha // TA Meghan) LAN.18.2 Cognitive Psychology, with the inimitable JEFF!!!! (South Ben with Stella // TA Molly)