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Hi!! Kerry from the Hall here. People used to call me Kerry, but that doesn't really happen anymore. I'm from New Jersey, which is quite obvious to some people (I'm looking at you, Claire). You might have seen me kazooing like a madman on campus (I'm a kazoonicorn!!) or laughing hysterically (and demonically) pretty much all the time. If Hall was a sitcom, I'd be the comic relief?

LAN 15.2: Fiction and Poetry

Claire, Victoria, and I bothered our suitemates by attempting to communicate in Morse Code during the night in addition to writing the beautiful piece of art known as "The Card-Box Interlude."

LAN 16.1: Utopias and Dystopias

A pretty weird session, but at least we weren't publicly sausaged. We actually participated in tradition, which we did not regret at all. Thanks to Quin for being my squirrel mom a year late!

LAN 17.1: Advanced Fiction

Dubbed Kerry from the Hall by my actual big sister and had my amazing mother, Liz Lvov, as our TA. Discovered my passion for the beautiful instrument known as the kazoo and promptly ordered thirty of them. Overall a really great session :)))

follow me on instagram @kerry_pare (you're welcome, Neiki!)