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This page was completely re-done by Kimcheeeee when she was really bored after she watched the US womens' Gymnastics team get slaughtered [not really] by the Chinese team.

Hi everyone. I'm Allegra/Jackie Choi, and I went to LOS 07.2 and 08.2. Before that, I went to Stanford [baby cty] 05.2 and 06.2. I took:

ETYM 07.2, where I:

    • Duct taped Jason Boring to a tree
    • Was in a class with many of "Those People"
    • Managed to have a crush on not one, but TWO never/nomores
    • Was in a hall with Emma
    • Managed to be in a class with some of the most traditionalist people in LOS, but STILL do nothing amazingly traditional
    • Was in the talent show three times.
    • Proved that Hugs could be harmful

GAME 08.2, where I:

    • Duct taped Derek[not as epic] to a tree
    • Singlehandedly started the Flyswatter thing[although, honestly, it all began with teasing Faffy, so XP]
    • Managed to, yet again, like a nevermore
    • Cried during ALL THREE Stairways
    • Lost a left shoe [THAT ISN'T RIGHT!]
    • Was in the talent show again
    • Was unofficially[or maybe, officially?] blessed by the prophet backstage at the talentshow, by soccerface
    • Was in a group full of PCTYDers
    • Got second to last in a blammo game
    • Managed to make Oreos, Orange Soda, Pop Tarts, and Whipped Cream completely and totally inappropriate
    • Upheld tradition to the best of my abilities[as in, not very much at all]
    • Dragged canon protesters[!!!] out of the circle in the first American Pie
    • Was a hybrid person [half "Those people," half "PCTYDer"]
    • Was the subject of a Wanna buy a (thing) game... [Wanna buy an Allegra? a what? an allegra. is she inappropriate? of course she's inappropriate, let me see her be inappropriate[looks over at allegra]. [allegra shakes head]
    • Did a lot more stuff then just that

CHEM A 09.1 where she:

    • Started the callback after "Father, son, and the holy ghost," in American Pie: "AND JASON BORING!"
    • Was the first person ever to be quarantined on the LOS campus, and possibly, CTY
    • Kept an epic quote book
    • Was in the talent show, AGAIN [this time, as an MC!]
    • Was responsible for starting "FIND NEMO" [thanks]
    • Was amazingly awesome
    • Was a 14 year old Nomore
    • Was in the same class as PANCHO, and was kinda-sorta-maybe in the same class as Dex and Danielle
    • Had an ukulele named "Tommy something something something McUkemeister" [that was signed by Dane during session 2]
    • Did a lot more stuff than I can remember right now

ETHC 09.2, where I:

    • Declared that Chris Lock belonged to me [along with my roommate, kristen, and Margot, a hallmate.]
    • Had the most delicious cupcakes ever on my birthday
    • Was in the talent show, AGAIN! [and sang Jet Plane [ukulele] with Brice [guitar] and Davey Krucik [Guitar.]
    • Kept an epic quotebook [again!]
    • Sent NOBODY to the hospital.
    • Was a blenderized person [too many groups!]
    • Mended the GREAT SCHISM between the PCTYD and the Elitist traditionalist groups
    • Did a lot more stuff than that.

BIZCAMP 10.1, where she:

    • Got to see Danielle and there was an epic hug involved.
    • Saw some other CTYers
    • Got an orange CTY lanyard
    • Had an awesome time

Awesome quotes*

  • from 08.2.

"I don't even do that to my OWN leg." -Levi

"I thought you didn't want to touch it with your hands!" -Allegra, to Faffy

"I feel so...debauched." -Katie

"If you're gonna poke my boobs, at least ask first." -Allegra, to Catherine

"I loose." -Allegra's arm

"[skips around faffy]Maiya, Maiya, MAIYA, Maiya, maaaaiyaaaa!"-Allegra, to Faffy

"That may the most AWESOME zero-sum game EVER! THE UMBRELLA IS INVINCIBLE!" -Allegra, during GAME

"Hunter's Hair PWNS." -Markerboard, in GAME

"[Melissa]If it was raining lawyers, what would you need to protect yourself from them?" "[Alfred]Ooh, i know, throw money at them!"

"Yes, your highness. More orange soda for the lady!" -Taemin

"That sudoku book is just hilarious, isn't it." -Allegra, after a very funny/sketchy conversation, when hunter was laughing into his sudoku book

"I started with you guys, won the game, BS-ed BACK into the game, and STILL managed to win the game AGAIN?!" -Allegra, in disbelief

I post ridiculously often on PCTYD, and am a proud owner of both PCTYD shirts.[Also, I'm one of the editors of Forevermore, the PCTYD magazine.] I was a hardcore traditionalist this year at CTY. I also lost my 05 lanyard at 06.2, lost my 06 lanyard at 07.2, found my 06 and 07 lanyards, and had my 06,07, and 08 lanyards thrown away by my mother. and lost my 07 lanyard at 08.2. I also sent Bri to the hospital both years[NOT a tradition i want to keep around], and I was dubbed a cool squirrel by zoe [!!!] and I lost the game, lost the murder[puppy] game, lost the bananaphonegame, and said HI DANE!

Feel free to add more stuff about me if you want to.

My passionfruit speech was incoherent and basically consisted of me being upset about the fact that I was a 14-year-old nomore, thanks to my mom. During session two, passionfruit didn't really happen, so yeah. That didn't work out too well.