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uhhh the last time i edited this was in 2020, before i even attended high school goddamn. -2024

i'm alan, i'm currently a senior in high school and as of now i like video games, tech, anime, music, and other stuff. favorite video game is splatoon 3, favorite artist is taylor swift (i know it's a basic answer 🤷‍♂️)

my instagram. discord is kingtastic and my snapchat is alanstired

Session I've attended

19.2 - Astrophysics (LAN)

Site - Lancaster

RA - RA Wyatt

Hall of Residence - North Ben

Roommate - TJ

Honorable Moments:

- Jackbox Sleepover

- Almost beating Jaegun at the last Cytus II tournament, losing by around 50,000 points or something like that

- Getting banned from Hypixel

- Getting banned from the Astro A Discord Server (which was subsequently dead)

2020 - canceled due to coronavirus

2021 - coronamore

2022 - didn't attend due to getting a job

11/9/2022 - turned 17 :/


This is from Love Tape Day 2020. Please leave your username after it, if it doesn't already do that.

happy love tape day alan! i cty you <3
Planetary lt.png - lauren:)

hi alan! so glad we got to talk during online session <3 User:Caitlin Fox

hey alan! Happy love tape day! Caution.jpg - Connor

Oh wow, hey Alan! It's Switch from S42. Somehow it took me this long and this much pctyd to go on another realcty user search and find your page. What does it matter, I'm here now and I'm going to love tape you as a little thank you for the times when we were able to talk so openly on s42. Stay cool ~ Switch Switch tape.png