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Barton "Kung Pow" Liang got his nickname from his primary staple during JHU.09.1 when ordering from Oriental Express, Kung Pow Chicken. He is also known as "Great Wall" or "Bart". Barton assisted another member of his hall in getting/providing a working wireless internet connection to his hall.

Kung Pow might be a twomore but isn't quite sure.

He was in AMR II, in David Jiang's hall, Lazear/Jennings ("Lazear's Tits"/"Lazy As Tits") for JHU.09.1.

In 2010, his nickname at LAN was "Sassycat" due to his sassyness, and also (but less often) "Hobbes," based on the fact that his roommate, Dan Lai, looked like an Asian version of Calvin from the comics. Since obviously an Asian version of Hobbes would be a panda, and Barton looked like one, he was obviously Hobbes.

He was in South Ben, in room C105 (Klein) for session 1 at Lancaster in 2010. His RA was Alex Christie, who looked like Keanu Reeves.

CTY Attendance History

  • LAWP.JHU.09.1 - Law and Politics in US History - Instructor: Mark Hohmann - TA: Sarah Stanley
  • MIND.LAN.10.1 - Philosophy of Mind - Instructor: Chris McCartney - TA: Stephen Foley (aka Steve)