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Hi, I'm Jaden Oh. I realized that I never created an account on realcty despite having used it so frequently, so here I am. I've been to SAR 18.2 and LAN 19.1 so far, and hopefully I can return to either of those sites for my next two years, if possible. You can find me carrying around my soccer ball and or frisbee constantly. I like to think I'm decent at raving, but the sad truth is that whenever I try angel-wings, I whack myself in the head, and I haven't learned any jack-flashy tricks...yet. My favorite canon song is Iris. If you see me at any site, come talk to me! I'd love to get to know you. I like you, I love you, I CTY you.



LAN 19.1 was probably the most meaningful session of the two I've attended so far. I participated in my first rave circle, learned three-beat, chugged a half gallon of SKL, met the greatest group of friends I could have asked for, lost some of them, and immersed myself deeper in tradition. I came to LAN thinking it was full of stuck-up kids who were incredibly obsessed with tradition, and while the latter was somewhat true, the former was certainly not. I hope I can keep all the friendships I made this session. I'm scared I won't be able to see anyone I met this year again, because I may not be able to return for my next potential two years. My PCTYD has not even subsided, and I doubt it fully ever will. But I'll find a way to see everyone again, and make it back to CTY somehow, whether it be as a student or RA/TA, or even Instructor. I really do love you all.


SAR 18.2 - Fundamentals of CS

LAN 19.1 - Neuroscience


i'm so glad i got to meet you this year! you're literally so sweet and such an amazing person :) - an ex-spook

Not quite sure how to do this 20.1 love tape day thing but anyways I miss LAN folks. Visit me at Hunter (if visiting people becomes a thing again before I graduate) or I'd be more than down to stop by Regis for a bit or something because that never happened - you know who this is