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Hey I’m Lindsey Russ, one of your 19.1 blammo goddesses!

About me

I received this position from the one and only Hillary Mak. I’m not totally sure what to put here but I guess I have been going to CTY since 16.2 at Carlisle, and 18.1 was my first year at Lancaster. I’m super excited for 19.1! It’s going to be an amazing session!


•16.2(Carlisle) - Electrical Engineering

•17.2(Carlisle) - Fundamentals of Computer Science

•18.1(Lancaster) - Theory of Computation

•19.1(Lancaster) - Number Theory (Beo Thee!!!)


I’ve been to a couple of different places before CTY. I went to your normal, average sleep away camp. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but nothing special. I went to a theater camp, and some of you may know my stories about that place but let’s just say it wasn’t for me. Then I found myself at CTY. I found myself at home. There was something so perfect about this place, bringing up the question: what is it that makes CTY so special? We have tradition, which is honestly wack. There’s nowhere else where I can say the most culty chants at night, sacrifice a watermelon, twice, and have people refer to me as either spoon girl or “hey did u spin that light stick thing?” And pretty much never my name. No place where I can lay with my friends in a grass orgy, sorry, corgi, or a spoon chain, almost no questions asked. I guess that’s a fun Segway to friendship. I have no idea what I did to deserve these people. There’s all my fellow position people who I either met last year or somehow bonded with ridiculously over GroupMe and scattered meet ups. They are the sweetest, most accepting human beings who have been with me through the best and worst moments of this past year. I honestly came into CTY ready to hide out with them the whole time and be AntiSocial (trademark symbol), but then I met the people in my class and hall and damn, they are so amazing. I’ll admit I was a little nervous, since I was coming in a little late, but the scariest hellos can lead to the most difficult goodbyes. It’s amazing how close you can get with people over just 3 weeks.. How we know each other’s darkest secrets and deepest traumas before each other’s favorite colors. Time moves differently at CTY, and although it all feels way too short, it also seems like I’ve known these people all my life. It’s shocking how fast we become a family. I couldn’t be more grateful that Number Theory B was my final class, I don’t know what I did to deserve you all. Then there’s also the community. My first time being out of the closet was at CTY last year, and I was shocked to be welcomed with the most open arms. Never had I felt such blatant acceptance before, and it has allowed me to gain the confidence to be the person I am today. But maybe most importantly, CTY has allowed me to be myself unapologetically. I don’t hide any part of my personality, it’s all just out there raw for everyone to see, and people are fine with it. More then fine with it. CTY has given me the gift of knowing and accepting who I am. More then anything, I love the person I allow myself to be at CTY. Now my journey is over. I started this road knowing it would have to come to an end, and although so much happened in this time, it still feels like yesterday i walked in, unaware how much this unknown path would become a home along the way. As I leave this place, I leave a piece of my heart behind me. I know that a small part of me will remain here, and that’s okay. Because the love of all the people from years before and the love that will be given in years to come is what makes CTY, and I could not be happier knowing that my love and memory will be added to what turns CTY from a camp into a family.


Just a couple of shoutouts because why not. My amazing RA from 18.1 Emily is super chill thanks for tolerating my dumb drama... Also every single leadership person in 19.1 is amazing! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the most amazing people ever! To all my people from 18.1 - I’m going to miss you to death... you are all the most amazing people I’ve ever met and there’s no good way for me to express that so yayy I’m showing my emotions through a Wikipedia page that I doubt anyone will actually check! Well I’m already counting down until 19.1 not gonna lie. Also if I don’t know you please talk to me I want friends. I love and miss everyone and am actually so hyped for next year!


i ❤️ you!!!!!

Hey, uh... I love you and I miss you and you are obligated to come down to dc at least twice a year so we can be hoes on the metro -a thot who loves you very much

i love you so much, come to my house soon and we can go for a ~social distancing walk~ <3 a long island binch