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TIFFANY LINH: Forevermore

Young - CHS.08.2 Science and Engineering

Instructor: Jamie, TA: Andrew

RA: Allison

Young - CHS.09.2 Examining the Evidence (B)

Instructor: Brooke, TA: Minhaj

RA: Alissa

CAA - EST.10.1 Chemistry in Society (A)

Instructor: Kris, TA: Alan

RA: Molly

CTY - LAN.11.1 Fast-Paced High School Physics (A)

Instructor: Brian, TA: Matthew

RA: Sofia

CTY - CAR.12.2 Fast-Paced High School Chemistry (B)

Instructor: Jessica, TA: Catherine

RA: Celia

CTY - CAR.13.2 Fundamentals of Microeconomics

Instructor: Jim, TA: Gabe

RA: Jackie