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My name is Lorenzo Lopez. I've taken about 40 CTY classes since 2012 and have attended the following sessions:

Los Angeles (Windward) 15.1 - Through the Microscope

Los Angeles (Windward) 16.1 - Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Los Angeles (Windward) 16.2 - The Physics of Engineering

LOS 17.1 - Writing and Imagination - King's Hall

LAN 18.1 - Data Structures and Algorithm's - Alimou's Hall

LOS 19.1 - Fast-Paced High School Physics - Ainsley's Hall

JHU 22.1 - Investigations in Engineering - Enoch's Hall

Don't mind me just sneaking in with some love tape…P.S: 40 classes? Wow, you have time. -Switch Switch tape.png