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Hi all. This is Christine, aka Hattie aka Mad Red Hattie aka The Mad Hattie aka Mad Hatter (just for my fan club). I'm not too great at editing blank wiki pages, so I'm not really adding much in. Most of you Lancaster session 1 folks will know me from 07.1 and 08.1 as that crazy blonde girl with the big red pimp hat. The one who almost always wore an Invader Zim themed t-shirt too. Or the girl who went around asking everyone if they would lend her a hat so she could reach her goal of 42 hats for Halloween in 08.1 (I managed 22). Well, you probably guessed that I like hats.

I was part of the team Things That Go Bump In The Night for Quizbowl 06.1. And that's all that comes to mind as of now.