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Hi there!*

I'm Cassandra, but i'm also known as Cass, Cassie, Sandy, Sandra, Sandra Dee (my least favorite), and Mama Cass -- i'm commonly known as a theatre-hippie-'freak'(which i personally love). I haven't personally done many hugely notable things at CTY, but that doesn't mean that it's not gonna live on forever in my mind.
I spent three out of my four years of CTY at Lancaster, the year I spent away, I went to JHU and even though i had a great time, i felt like the real CTY spirit was missing...

I guess for formality's sake i might as well write down where i've gone when and what i've taken.... :

babyCTY:Forensics at Washington college 05.2


During my onemore year, I got to live through the moth fiasco and sit in a hall with the lights out for 2 hours while security looked for a gunman who turned out to be a fellow CTYer who had decided to put a moth in the microwave. The resulting bang sounded enough like a gunshot for someone on his hall to call 911... that was fun....
My nomore year, there were two separate microwave incidents in Thomas -- one pertained to easy mac, and one pertained to a pop tart with the foil still on; during the second of the 2 fire drills that followed (both at around 10:20) my hall and I decided to sing "In the Jungle"... that was even more fun =)
I'm amazed that kids at nerd camp can't figure out how to use a microwave...

Also during my onemore year, the guys in my class decided to make a pizza-box unicorn named Seymour [1], apparently Seymour became very famous 2nd session [[2]] -- totally understandable, considering he was awesome

umm yeah.... those are pretty much the only really entertaining stories i have to tell you....

purely random stuff: I LOVE AI, I loved my 3rd floor co-ed north ben lounge (08.1)


i'm very proudly a forevermore [3]


  • if you've ever seen the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, that's what i was going for -- when he goes up to the desk in the hotel and sees the eel lady (go to about 1:27 on this video: [4] ). If you haven't seen the movie, i suggest you see it. it's awesome, and very very trippy. And it has Johnny Depp -- which is always a plus (great acting is always nice)