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Year One ('07)

Class: Crafting the Essay
Instructors: Mike and Mike
RA: Sheena
Quad 8 Fl 2

This year I lived in a split hall. Which is hard, because I didn't get to know most of my hall mates.
Hall members:
Angela: Roommate, from New Jersey. Crafting.
Grace: from Maine. Crafting.
Maddi: From Pennsylvania. Cog Psych
Sara: From New Jersey. Cog Psych
Arhea: From New York. Cog Psych
Hannah: From Maryland. Crafting
Alex: Not really sure where she is from. Cog Psych. Left Early.
Megan: . Sci Fi (or something.)
Kristen: From New York. Crafting
Cheryl: From New Jersey. Cog Psych.
Renata: From Pennsylvania. Cog Psych.
Heather: From Maryland. Cog Psych.
Monica: I'm not sure where she was from. Cog Psych.

Life in '07

Year Two ('08)

Instructors:Mark and Carly
Quad 8 Fl 2 (WHAT?!!?!?! Two years in a row?!)
My whole hall was in Ethics together. Major Win-age.
I'm not going to bother listing where everyone was from.
-Maddi (roommate)

Life in '08

Year Three ('09)

Instructors:Maureen and Noah(WHAT NOAH?!)
Quad 4 fl 2 (Yup, super quad is now a girls dorm)

Another split hall. Bummer.
-Amanda: Picked up early by her parents

  • met Julia and my life was complete*

Life in '09