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HIYA ALL YOU [insert prefix here]CTYers! My name's Michael and Lancaster 11.1 was my squirrel year at CTY! I'd have to say it gave me a lasting impression and that i was lucky to have met everyone that I did including being adopted by RUDY GARCIA! (for those of you unaware of the previous session, Rudy was part of Lan 11.1's trinity and was the Son, and an awesome one at that)

Biography (But I Guess This Is More Of A Memoir)

Truth is, I really don't know what I'm doing or how to edit this...

Anyway my first year at CTY (not baby of course cause this is LANCASTER!) I actually did some reading about Lancaster through this website and I have to say, while I did see some things from realCTY at CTY, a lot of the student groups were not present... (a session two thing perhaps?) So on the second, third, or fourth day I met Rudy and [redacted], my mother squirrels. Previously I had gone on a journey with a few of my hall mates interrogating any CTYers about information about FRANK WANG. I first met [redacted] and I forgot most of the conversation. I do remember my suite mate (I was in Thomas) Faraz Sanal, asking [redacted] if they lived in Hong Kong. This somehow lead to practically my whole hall being adopted by [redacted]. We left and found Rudy who at the time, I knew nothing about. (Except that he and his hall had Pokemon wrist bands and I had asked them for one before, I got one later when Iylas, their RA, gave his to me...) At first this was just a conversation about Frank Wang, then (as Rudy probably saw us as naive little squirrels who were hungry for knowledge of CTY) he adopted us. This again was the adoption of most of my hall under one person. I remember us sitting down near Thomas and going around with our names, but a simple trait of Rudy was that he never remembered our names. We went over a couple of big CTY traditions and the next day, we all sat in the Alcove. It was really fun until these two random rectangular tables showed up somehow. Not so much the tables but the whole alcove was split between liking the tables or not. The next day, magically one of the tables disappeared and the quarrel was settled.