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I'm deb!

The Gentlemen.jpg

2011.1 - Deena Alexander, Joey Fridman, Ajay Nadig, Sydney Speizman, Me, Rudy Garcia, and Alex Kohanski
Father + Jester + Jack Flash + Stripper + Holy Ghost + Son + ...Kohanski (lolz)

tiny biography

5-year freak!

Greek Geeks (I don't really remember this. I guess I thought it was important when I first made this '07. I'm just gonna leave it here cos I'd feel bad deleting it.)

Delta Pi! <3

Led Eyelashes at every Afterdance in 10.1 and 11.1 (total of 12, if you count the closing ceremonies' Afterdance).

Columbia in 11.1 Rocky Horror

Holy Ghost in the LAN.11.1 Trinity.

2007 - Lee Anne's hall in South Schnader, 3rd floor.

2008 - Mama Kate's hall in North Thomas, 3rd floor.

2009 - Kristen's hall in South Schnader, 2nd floor.

2010 - Jess's hall in South Schnader, basement.

2011 - Shae's hall in North Ben, 3rd floor (A, Mull).