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Jake Landsman


  • LAN 14.2
  • LAN 15.2
  • LAN 16.2
  • LAN 17.2

Classes (In order)

  • Cryptology (CODE-A)
  • Game Theory (GAME-B)
  • Math Logic (REAS)
  • Number Theory (THEO-B)

About Me

Jake Landsman came to CTY for 4 years from 2014 to 2017. He could have stayed another year but he is going to Cornell over the summer instead. He was iconic for being the fanhammer holder that changed the definition of fanhammer forever. He likes math and only takes math there becuase he didnt get in for humanities because he sucks at english. So yeah, he fucking misses this place. He gave a bomb-ass passionfruit speech too.

Contact Me (plz im lonely)

  • Snap: Nails907
  • Insta: Nails907