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Have you ever been one of the founding members of a cult? Do you know what it's like to talk for days on end about the morals of having sex with yourself across dimensions? Do you know how great it is to be suffocated by multicolored duct tape for a day?

Do you know how it feels to look at the door to your room and see the cardboard crest of your hall you made years ago still proudly hanging, bordered with silver duct tape? Or the signed pictures from the year before that? Or to read notes given to you so many ages ago by people you'll probably never see again?

Do you know how it feels to type this a month after your nevermore session? How it feels to leave for Hong Kong and know you're a world away from the world you were so entranced in during those 3 weeks?

Of course you do. All hail 8 spade.


Loyola Marymount University

11.1 - Logic

12.1 - Cognitive Psychology

Franklin and Marshall College

13.1 - History of Disease

14.1 - Number Theory