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I'm Asheesh Laroia.

Real CTY

I host this website. I also came up with the idea, then ran into Matthew Bostrom (User:mpb) who had also had the idea: Create a CTY website that's maintained by ourselves, the CTY community.

The server in my basement is getting crowded by all my projects (and it belongs to my parents), and I'd like to move this off it as soon as I can find another loving home for the Real CTY wiki. This means either:

  1. "Real CTY" pays money to a hosting firm that gives us the hosting we want affordably.
  2. Another CTYer steps up to serve this site.

I am greatly wishing for someone to offer his server space and bandwidth, since I know that as this site grows in userbase and content, it'll be more and more bandwidth. So, if you think you can help, please drop me a line. If you can help in some strange way (e.g., "I can offer unlimited bandwidth for your CSS!"), I'm more than willing to listen.


  • I'd be certainly willing to host one mirror, but I can't promise 100% uptime. I will certainly be able to run an apache process, but you'd better keep the mysql data on your side, or I can slave it. -Elizabeth
  • You almost certainly want apache and mysql running on the same LAN. Slaving MySQL over the internet is probably not the way to go. -mpb
  • Hmm... I'll continue considering... we don't need to get things seriously fault tolerant until the flood of people comes back from 04.1... well, here's what we might do - I can operate the primary mirror so long as someone's *nix server is available to have the data backups rsynced each night and capable of taking the load in case my server goes down. -Elizabeth
  • mpb has also offered to host the whole site so long as he can keep a "tasteful" ad at the bottom to his new business venture. I'm not sure how I feel about that, so I figured I'd drop a note here. -- Asheesh
  • OT: Can we change the logo in the upper left? Back on topic: why don't we have a realtime chat together about this? I've seen geographically dispersed hosting networks before, and I think we might be able to put something together that meshes everyone's resources. - Elizabeth

Personal information

You can see my personal website if you want.

I went to:

  • 98.1.CLN
  • 99.1.LAN
  • 00.1.LAN
  • 01.1.LAN

You can contact me:

  • [ E-mail]
  • AIM: PProteus47
  • ICQ: 13123755